Strongman Eddie Hall Benched Four People For Absolutely No Reason

Eddie Hall is very, very strong, which, considering he's a former world's strongest man, is not exactly a bold statement. He lifts boulders and pulls cars for a living.

But if you were in any doubt of the Stoke man's physical prowess after his dramatic weight loss last year, then you would be very wrong.

And the 31-year-old's latest social media post is proof.

Taking to Instagram, the real-life hulk shared a video of him working out in the gym. But not content with lifting the usual dumbbells, Eddie decided to add another level of very unnecessary difficulty to the situation and bench-pressed a group of women - four, to be exact.

For absolutely no reason.

The bizarre clip was shared with the caption: "Benching 4 people anyone??!! #BackUpYourBullshit. Big Love. The Beast."

He even has 'beast' tattooed on his arm. Credit: Instagram
He even has 'beast' tattooed on his arm. Credit: Instagram

I guess this shouldn't really come as much of a surprise; he's enormous. But of the superhuman strongman loved it and piled into the comments section.

One person wrote: "how???? christ man!"

A second follower said: "Incredible."

"Could you do it on a cold rainy Tuesday night in Stoke though?" asked a third.

While another joked about the feat, saying: "I could do that but without the girls & the bar. Just spot me."

But it's not all shits and giggles being so large, as Eddie knows too well.

The weightlifter shared a snap of he and fellow strongman Brian Shaw squeezing into their seats during a flight from London to Scotland.

It's not easy being so big. Credit: Instagram
It's not easy being so big. Credit: Instagram

He posted the pic with caption: "The check-in ladies sat me and @shawstrength right next to each other on the plane from London to Scotland and no-one on the plane would swap seats.... Would you swap seats with one of us???....I wouldn't either. #FuckMyLife."

Should have booked a train fellas.

People have flocked to the post on Instagram to say they would have definitely offered up their seat in order to chat to the two blokes.

"I would have gladly traded seats with one of you fellas," wrote one person. "It would have been a super hard choice who I wanna sit with though. Can't believe nobody tried to help you big fellas out."

Another added: "I'd love to sit next to you on a plane Eddie, and I know from your book that your love of planes and queues at the airport is not high in your list, but honestly I'd think you'd prob punch me in the face, as I would be talking your head off!"

Never change, Eddie.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

Dominic Smithers

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