Samsung 'The Wall Luxury' 292-Inch TV Is Every Sports Fans' Dream

Size doesn't matter, of course... But surely all of us are a little tempted by 292 inches.

Earlier this year Samsung unveiled The Wall TV, which came in at a whopping 219 inches. Clearly though, this wall was deemed a little modest, as the electronics giants have now announced The Wall Luxury - for those who felt the regular Wall TV was a little modest.

At 292 inches, the telly is only suitable for people with an extremely spacious living room. As the name suggests, it is designed to transform your entire wall into a TV.

It is 'configurable and customizable' though, meaning you can have it as small as 73 inches (which isn't that small) with 2K definition, or you can have it at its full size with 8K definition. Remarkably though, the high-tech telly only has a depth of 30mm.

Due to the current lack of 8K TV out there, The Wall Luxury will also 'upscale' regular TV to near 8K quality.

The Wall Luxury is basically a TV and a wall all rolled into one. Credit: Samsung
The Wall Luxury is basically a TV and a wall all rolled into one. Credit: Samsung

It is also designed to never be turned off, as its self-emitting diodes have a 100,000 hour lifetime. Instead, when you're not watching Gogglebox across your entire wall, the TV will go into 'ambient mode', and will display curated artwork, photographs and paintings - again, all 'customizable'.

Mark Quiroz, vice president of product marketing for Samsung Electronics America, said: "Throughout the last twelve months, we've closely monitored interior design and technology trends to shape the product planning and development of The Wall Luxury.

The telly is sadly going to be for the super rich only. Credit: Samsung
The telly is sadly going to be for the super rich only. Credit: Samsung

"We set out to create a product unlike anything else - matching the lifestyle and taste of those looking for the most exclusive and premium visual experiences in their homes."

The box/wall also comes with some kind of AI technology that is kind of hard to understand, so here's how Samsung explains it: "The Wall Luxury is also equipped with the AI picture quality engine, Quantum Processor Flex.

"A machine learning-based picture quality engine, Quantum Processor Flex delivers optimised picture quality scene-by-scene regardless of the original source format. The processor analyses image data to automatically calibrate the original lower resolution content to align with the modular screen's resolution."

The TV will go on sale globally in July, though it is not clear how much it will cost. The safe money though is on it being well out of all of our budgets, given that their 98-inch Q950R 8K QLED has an official retail price of £99,999 ($126,749).

With next season's Premier League fixtures out now, can you really afford to not be watching them on 'The Wall' (Of course you can, it's nearly £100k for god's sake, who's got that kind of money lying around?!).

Featured Image Credit: Samsung

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