Manager Thinks Fourth Division Job Offer Is At Schalke, Takes It Anyway

Former Bundesliga coach Peter Neururer accepted a director role at fourth division team SG Wattenscheid 09 despite thinking he was originally being offered the managerial position at Schalke 04.

Following Domenico Tedesco's sacking last season, Neururer believed that he was being contacted by Josef Schusenberg, a former Schalke board member to take a job back at the Bundesliga outfit.

However, Schusenberg was not involved with Schalke anymore, and is instead involved on the SG Wattenschied 09 board.

Domenico Tedesco, the former manager of FC Schalke (Image Credit: PA)
Domenico Tedesco, the former manager of FC Schalke (Image Credit: PA)

Speaking to Waz, with rough translation provided by Reddit user BVB-Oeli, the 64-year-old explained,

"Exactly at the time when Schalke had fired Domenico Tedesco. Jupp asked me if I could help him out and told me what the club wanted to build. 'Great, I'm in!', I said.

"He then immediately made it clear to me that I shouldn't make any big salary demands. That wasn't a problem for me either.

"So I promised that I would be 100 percent involved. But with the footnote that I can't guarantee Champions League qualification in the coming season".

Peter Neururer at his SG Wattenscheid 09 unveiling (Image Credit: PA)
Peter Neururer at his SG Wattenscheid 09 unveiling (Image Credit: PA)

Following this, the phone went quiet.

Schusenberg then explained he was involved with the Regionalliga side, the fourth division of Germany.

Despite learning this, Neururer still decided to take the role of sporting director, citing that he was 'a man of his word'.

Neururer has managed a string of Bundesliga clubs so this step down is commendable.

This is not the only entertaining news coming out of the lower leagues in Germany this year.

TV Jahn Hiesfeld manager Markus Kay was spotted wearing full fishing gear as they fell to a heavy 5-0 defeat against TSV Meerbusch in their final fifth division game.

Kay had been informed via WhatsApp that he would be relieved of his duties at the end of the season.

As a protest, Kay wore full fishing gear, complete with fishing rod, for his last game in charge.

If anything, this shows how entertaining football outside the top leagues can be, we hope it continues.

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