As the Rio Olympics kick off today with the opening ceremony, you'd think officials in the city would have the Games all sorted and organised.

You could say that's the biggest understatement of any Olympic Games because, quite frankly, there's been a lot of bad press about the preparation taking place in the Brazilian city.

From finding a corpse in the surrounding water, to athletes taking to social media to vent their frustration about Olympic accommodation and the Zika virus, there's been quite a lot of bad sh*t gone on ahead of the Games' opening ceremony.

And now, officials tasked with managing Rio's Maracana Stadium actually managed to lose the keys to the venue, with bystanders left shocked at the realisation that the key was literally nowhere to be found.

Shocked?! Where have you been for the past two weeks!

Despite the mishap, the problem was eventually solved as two firemen employed a pair of handy bolt cutters to force the East gate open.

Although, I'd much rather have the actual key to hand instead of having to use bolt cutters.

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