Woman Breaks World Record For Longest Ever Plank

For many of us, the nearest we've got to planking was lying face down in a stupid place, back in the day when that was all the rage for some reason.

But don't worry, they're not giving out world records for that shit. No, the mum in question held a proper plank - i.e. the exercise where you hold your body straight, balancing your weight on your toes and forearms - for more than four hours.

If you've tried one before (and you're anything like me), then you'll know that when you first start a plank, it seems like a piece of piss. However, within a couple of minutes you're shaking like a shitting dog.

As such, the fact that Dana Glowacka managed to hold one for four hours and 20 minutes is quite staggering.

The Canadian yoga instructor beat the previous Guinness World Record for a female plank by almost an hour.

But as any fitness aficionado will tell you, achievements like this don't happen over night. According to Dana, her very first plank was only four minutes - which isn't even that bad to be honest.

Dana has sacrificed her elbows for the cause. Credit: Instagram/Dana Glowacka
Dana has sacrificed her elbows for the cause. Credit: Instagram/Dana Glowacka

However, over years of graft, she managed to build up her time, claiming second in the 2016 International World Cup Plank Challenge in Beijing with a time of two hours and five minutes.

Many people would be more than satisfied with this huge improvement, but evidently Dana isn't most people, as she has more than doubled this time in the last three years. Such is her commitment, she actually has plank-induced elbow wounds.

In a post on Instagram, she thanked her brother who made a surprise at her record attempt.

The post read: "My brother surprised me with a literally 24 hours trip to just support me and push the button of starting and ending line of the new world record set for the Longest Abdominal Plank of 4hrs, 20min. Here he is...my brother, standing strong by my side like an Angel."

Dana thanked her brother in a post on Instagram. Credit: Instagram/Dana Glowacka
Dana thanked her brother in a post on Instagram. Credit: Instagram/Dana Glowacka

The record is yet to be ratified by the Guinness World Records, however, it is only a matter of time.

Congratulations to Dana, who now deserves to slouch about on the couch with a pint of the dark stuff.

Staggeringly though, the male record for an abdominal plank is almost twice as long as Dana's. Mao Weidong set the record in 2016 with a time of eight hours and one minute.


Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Dana Glowacka

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