'Shaolin Monk' Takes Hit, After Hit, After Hit, But Refuses To Go Down

Is this Shaolin monk even human, or is he actually just some technological advancement?

Footage has emerged showing the man brushing a collection of punches to the head during an MMA bout and viewers are frankly lost for words.

Shaolin Yi Long doesn't go to the ground when he's socked in the face. He doesn't gather breath. He courageously musters on, even lunging for his opponent.

It's amazing how he isn't world famous.

Long, sporting the yellow and black three-quarters can be seen landing a kick on his rival but is quickly uppercut.

Withstanding the hits, he pulls off a spinning back-fist punch not unlike anything you saw in this year's John Wick 2.

The MMA fighter throws his whole weight at Long, who refuses to be phased by the barrage.

Eventually, he swings so much he becomes fatigued. The commentators watch on in astonishment at what they're seeing.

We don't see any victor of the fight as the clip draws to a close with the fight still going ahead.

"Jesus those were some strong, well-placed punches," wrote one user.

Another said: "Now that is how you take a punch.

"Can't say I would recommend it every time, though."

One person commented: "That's got to be demoralizing. Getting in free punches and seemingly doing no damage. That has to mess with your mind a little during a fight."

One passionate YouTuber said: " He CANT be knocked out, and no he doesnt suffer brain damage. True shaolin monks can take any punch any kick with NO damage. That shows MMA guys that the physical part is only HALF of what martial arts is. without the other part you are just a human brawler. I have seen masters throw chopsticks through an inch of wood, doing martial arts standing on raw eggs without breaking them or throw a sowing needle through a pane of glass. shut down an entire body with one touch. An MMA fighter will always be a flawed warrior that can never surpass his bodys limitations. A true master SETS his bodys limitations..."

A spokesman of the Shaolin Temple Long claimed to be a part of said he had no such affiliation with the spiritual group, prompting confusion to fans.

"Yi Long, who was billed as the No. 1 Shaolin Kung Fu monk, is neither a Kung Fu monk of Shaolin Temple, nor could he be named as the No. 1 Shaolin Kung Fu monk at all," a statement read.

Earlier this week, an MMA fighter was defeated in emphatic fashion by a boxer in footage that went viral after being posted online.

Josh Teal

Josh Teal is a journalist at LADbible. He has contributed to the 'Knowing Me, Knowing EU' and 'UOKM8?' campaigns interviewing everyone from student drug dealers to climate change activists.

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