16 Foot Monster Alligator 'Chubbs' Spotted For First Time In Two Years

For a lot of us the scariest thing we'll see on a golf course is a par five with bunkers either side of the green and a water hazard at the back of it. For golfers in Florida it's Chubb the alligator!

Golf is supposed to be a 'Sunday walk ruined,' a pretty serene sport that only really gets rowdy when Ian Poulter is screaming the direction of Americans and fans in blue suits are making up incredible chants.

Poulter getting the European crowd fired up. Image: PA Images
Poulter getting the European crowd fired up. Image: PA Images

Golf is not supposed to be a sport that scares the life out of you and gives you a heart attack, unless it's self induced from screaming so much at the ball.

However if you step onto the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida, then you might be given the biggest fright of your life.

There you could be greeted by Chubb the 15 foot alligator who is a resident of the course and has once again been spotted by someone playing a round.

Honestly you'd have to be wearing some dark golf trousers coming across this fella:


When Chubb last popped out to say hello course General Manager Ken Powell told Fox that he wasn't a problem for the course, "That's the first alligator I saw when I got here [Florida]," said Powell, "He's big, he's not a nuisance, he doesn't hurt anybody. He's got a giant reservoir to go to."

Bradenton resident Sage Stryczny was the one who caught Chubb on camera this time and the 'gator' is of course named after Happy Gilmore's very own coach Chubbs Peterson who had his hand eaten by an alligator on the course.


We'd love to know how the original Chubb, Happy Gilmore or even Shooter McGavin would have dealt with an actual 15 foot alligator on the course.

Remind me never to play at Buffalo Creek Golf Course.

Ryan Sidle

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