Louis Van Gaal Perfectly Sums Up Manchester United's Ed Woodward Problem

Life at Manchester United has been pretty turbulent ever since Sir Alex Ferguson left the manager's seat and Louis van Gaal has hit the nail on the head on what is wrong with the club.

Manchester United won the Premier League in 2012/13 with Sir Alex Ferguson and then the legendary manager called it a day and the club haven't come close to winning the league since.

In fairness to the Red Devils it hasn't all been a failure since then with Louis van Gaal winning the FA Cup and Jose Mourinho winning the Carabao Cup, Europa League and Community Shield, which either does or doesn't count depending if you're Jose or Pep Guardiola or not.

However once again their season was a bust this year with Mourinho sacked and his replacement Ole Gunnar Solskjaer unable to do much better with the team finishing without a trophy and outside the top four in the league.

The team needs a big rebuild this summer and are being linked with a lot of transfers but former boss Van Gaal has suggested that under Ed Woodward things won't get better.

Speaking to in a German magazine the Dutchman said:

"At Bayern, the people in charge are football men. I always appreciated that.

"At Manchester United, on the other hand, Ed Woodward was installed as CEO - somebody with zero understanding of football who was previously an investment banker.

"It cannot be a good thing when a club is run solely from a commercially-driven perspective."

Van Gaal won the FA Cup but was soon sacked. Image: PA Images
Van Gaal won the FA Cup but was soon sacked. Image: PA Images

The former Ajax manager was sacked the same day that he managed the team to their FA Cup success against Crystal Palace in the final, then being replaced by Mourinho.

And the 67 year old explained the change was further proof about how the club is being run, adding, "I don't hold it against the club. They wanted Mourinho and he was on the market. But appointing Mourinho was obviously interesting from a business point of view.'

"He wins games. And for a club like United, the main thing is to win trophies. How they are won isn't the main priority, the English fans see it differently.

"They accept that the game is not all about attacking but it is also about defending. I always tried to defend high up the pitch, to be in the opposition's half and play the game there."

Of course they'll be plenty of fans who question Van Gaal's suggestion that he played attractive football but he can't be questioned on much of everything else he's said.

Ryan Sidle

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