The Premier League Team Of The Season Based On Stats

The Premier League has finally come to an end after nine months of watching Manchester City and Liverpool win pretty much every week and now we know the answer to the big questions, who would make the team of the season based on stats.

Remember the beginning of the season when you had big hopes for your team. How does it feel now? Did they achieve what you expected them to or fall well short?

The only team who had anything to celebrate yesterday were Manchester City, although their host yesterday, Brighton, certainly tried to join in after staying in the league.

Liverpool had a cracking season but their win against Wolves was in vain, as was the ridiculous 94 other points they earned through the season, and you can't fault them too much this season.

But we all know that football isn't played on a football pitch, it's played on a database full of all your favourite statistics.

So forget the awards won by Raheem Sterling and Virgil van Dijk and the PFA Team of the Year only one thing matter, the team of the year based on WhoScored's statistics:

The statistical team of the season. Image: WhoScored.
The statistical team of the season. Image: WhoScored.

Well doesn't everyone look foolish now. When the PFA's version of Team of the Year was announced everyone scoffed and laughed at the fact that the Premier League players had voted for Paul Pogba in the team, but look who's laughing now- it won't be Manchester United fans.

Despite a decent record of goals and assists this season for the Frenchman it still seems ridiculous that he'd be anywhere near a list of best players this season.

The former Juventus midfielder was once again at least partially at fault for United's loss to already relegated Cardiff City at the weekend when he lost his player ahead of the Bluebirds second.

Pogba summing up how his own fans have thought watching him this season. Image: PA Images
Pogba summing up how his own fans have thought watching him this season. Image: PA Images

What does feel pretty surprising is the lack of any Spurs players considering they finished in the top four and were the only challengers to the top two, until they eventually fell away in February.

It's unlikely that Eden Hazard will find his way into this team next season as he's likely to be playing in La Liga with Real Madrid although his 7.8 ranking would be enough to get him in the team in Spain.

And now that's the season officially done...

Ryan Sidle

Ryan is a writer for SPORTbible. He covers all sport from football, formula one, cricket, rugby, tennis, athletics, mma and wrestling. He obviously hates YOUR football team and has no interest in synchronised swimming.

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