You can argue back and forth until you're blue in the face about the severity of Joey Barton's ban from football in relation to over a thousand bets he placed on hundreds of matches, but what you cannot debate is one lad's reply to the former Burnley midfielder today, which is absolutely perfect.

Barton effectively had his career cut short by the 18-month ban (since reduced to 13 months) handed to him by the Football Association in April and has been outspoken in his disgust towards the FA for their handling of the situation, especially considering they prevented him from taking part in the Game4Grenfell - a charity match set up to raise money for the victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

The 34-year-old midfielder provided coverage of today's lunchtime Premier League clash between Watford and Liverpool, at Vicarage Road, for talkSPORT and took to Twitter to provide his prediction for the match.

And Barton's wording was more than a little bit suspect:

Of course, Barton likely knew what he was doing when he posted the tweet, given how many headlines his ban for betting generated, but even still, that doesn't take away from this lad's response.

Again, Barton was likely playing to the crowd with his initial tweet, but fair play to Kyran Alcock, his response has generated some serious numbers, although not all the replies have been particularly praiseworthy.

Regardless of whether Barton was baiting for the replies, it's good to have a weekly five course meal of banter being served up on social media now the Premier League is back.

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