Someone Has Created An All-Time Premier League And English First Division Table

If you're a Liverpool fan and find that people often poke fun at your fanbase for always 'talking about the past', then pull out this league table posted by Reddit user Sidorvich123 because in reality, you have a right to boast.

Based on the ultimate Premier League and First Division table, 131 years of history will tell you that Liverpool are the undisputed champions of England with an incredible total of 6,883 points.

You may be surprised to learn that Arsenal and Everton make up the top three, while Manchester United ironically sit in fourth position - somewhere they really want to be in the current 2018/19 season - with 6,356 points.

Of course, Everton have played in the top flight of English football for all but four seasons since it was created in 1888, and only Arsenal themselves have a longer unbroken run at the highest level.

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Image: PA

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Aston Villa, Manchester City, Tottenham and Chelsea make up the top eight, while some relatively unknown clubs feature among some of the giants of the game, including Glossop North End and Darwen FC.

Here is the fascinating table in full.

Are you surprised by any of the following positions?

Image: Reddit
Image: Reddit

We've looked at the 131 year history of the Premier League and First Division, but who will go on to win the 2018/19 title? TalkSPORT has decided to predict the final table thanks to a bit of help from its supercomputer.

Without further ado, posted below is the supercomputer's results for the table:

  • 20. Huddersfield Town (relegated)
  • 19. Fulham (relegated)
  • 18. Cardiff City (relegated)
  • 17. Burnley
  • 16. Southampton
  • 15. Brighton and Hove Albion
  • 14. Newcastle United
  • 13. West Ham United
  • 12. Crystal Palace
  • 11. Bournemouth
  • 10. Everton
  • 9. Leicester City
  • 8. Watford
  • 7. Wolverhampton Wanderers
  • 6. Chelsea (Europa League qualification -- second qualifying round)
  • 5. Manchester United (Europa League qualification -- group stage)
  • 4. Tottenham Hotspur (Champions League qualification)
  • 3. Arsenal (Champions League qualification)
  • 2. Liverpool (Champions League qualification)
  • 1. Manchester City (Premier League champions and Champions League qualification)

So there we have it. Manchester City will apparently be crowned champions while Arsenal will somehow finish third and secure a Champions League spot with Spurs.


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