German Manager Markus Kay Turns Up To Final Game In Charge Wearing Fishing Gear

TV Jahn Hiesfeld manager Markus Kay was spotted wearing full fishing gear at the weekend as they fell to a heavy 5-0 defeat against TSV Meerbusch.

Ahead of their final game of the German fifth division campaign, Kay was told that he wouldn't be in charge of the club next season.

On the back of a narrow 2-1 defeat in the league, club president Dietrich Hülsemann decided to take drastic action. He relieved the 37-year-old of his duties in the form of a WhatsApp message.

It was a decision he didn't take well.

Image: Markus Joosten/11Freunde
Image: Markus Joosten/11Freunde

As a protest, Kay wore full fishing gear, complete with fishing rod, for his last game in charge.

In an interview with German magazine 11Freunde, the departing manager explained the reason behind his choice of clothing on the day Hiesfeld were relegated.

"After a defeat in mid-May against SC Velbert, Mr Hülsemann had written to me and team manager Thomas Drotboom; a WhatsApp message saying we will not receive any contracts in the coming season" he said.

"And contrary to the agreement. We were relegated by the defeat, but I had assumed that I would continue in the national league and accordingly, the plans were well advanced.

"I think such a reaction is highly disrespectful."

Kay went on to tell the press what club president Mr Hulsemann said after the game, which resulted in the fishing attire:

"Mr. Hülsemann was also quoted in the local press the following day: "There was no commitment, no system, nothing at all. So you can not continue. I stood behind the gate and got the balls that went out." he told 11Freunde

"There were five players on the bench. None of them moved. And our trainers sit motionless on their camping chairs. I wanted to give them a fishing rod."

Image: TV Jahn Futball
Image: TV Jahn Futball

The 37-year-old went on to describe how he told his father about these quotes from the president, who then had the initial fishing rod idea:

"That was my father-in-law. I had told him about all the stress within the club and when he heard about the quote from our president, he got up and came back with his old fishing rod shortly thereafter."

Well, that's one way of making your feelings known, I guess.

Jack Kenmare

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