FIFA 20 Cover Leaked Featuring Neymar Jr

Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar Jr will become FIFA 20's new cover star, according to a number of pictures leaked online earlier.

It appears that video game retailer Gamestop have 'accidentally' posted the release date, while images also reveal PSG's brand new home shirt for next season.

FootyHeadlines leaked the information but a number of others have picked up on the unusual cover; a design that is vasty different to previous titles.

It is believed that September 27th, 2019 will be the release date.

The news comes just days after EA Sports released key improvements for its upcoming title.

According to the recent Pitch Notes, defending is one of several heavily requested elements of the game that will be improved for the "next product iteration" (FIFA 20), in order to "create a better experience for players when it comes to AI Defending and AI Teammate movement, positioning and reactions."

In short, the defending system will be completely overhauled, with "revised positioning and adjustment to the cadence and flow on the pitch".

Manual defending will be emphasised to deliver more rewarding results for those who use it, which is obviously great for those who do. Not so much for those who love a good auto tackle.

Planned tackling will be introduced, which supports manual players by making sure your defender only tackles in a favourable context to your team.

Contain and secondary contain effectiveness will be reduced, but EA is set to improve the current jockey system by making it more agile and precise.

FIFA 19 / Credit: EA
FIFA 19 / Credit: EA

The effectiveness of manual goalkeeper movement is being heavily reduced for FIFA 20, whereas player switching is headed the other way. And passing? Well, that's getting a huge revamp, too, including the introduction of controlled "dinked" passes.

Dinked passes can be used when ground or through ball passing. It allows your player to slightly lift the ball, with the aim of avoiding defenders legs, something that was an automatic feature previously.

Jack Kenmare

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