Mario Balotelli Paid A Bar Owner In Naples €2000 Cash To Drive Moped Into The Sea

Mario Balotelli challenged a bar owner in Naples to drive a Moped into the sea for €2000 as onlookers looked on in shock.

The incident occurred at Mergellina, on the coast of Naples, according to Football Italia, who claim that the Italian striker later handed over the cash.

On Saturday morning, Balotelli posted footage on his official Instagram with the caption: "Good morning!"

More clips from the incident soon emerged online.

In fact, someone in the crowd clearly captures Balotelli handing over the money before he appears to light up a cigarette.

The man who was riding the Moped was interviewed by reporters later on and he reportedly said:

"My moped was only worth €600 anyway."

Image: Instagram/Mario Balotelli
Image: Instagram/Mario Balotelli

From setting off fireworks in his own bathroom to buying two Vespa's and a trampoline when his mum sent him out for an iron.

Mario Balotelli is never far from the headlines and a story about a Bentley is absolutely brilliant.

Mino Raiola revealed the ridiculous tale about the Italian crashing the agents' car, saying:

"Mario is crazy, but I forgive him everything because he's a good lad. One day he asked to borrow my Bentley. I said 'Mario, score twice against Marseille and we'll talk'.

"Obviously I forgot about it. Some time later my wife calls through 'Mario is on the phone, I'll pass him over'. I hear this big booming voice: 'Mino! Keys!'. I'm like 'the keys to what?'. He said 'to the Bentley, I scored two goals didn't I?'. So I gave them to him.

"He went to the yacht club and hit a pole when he was reversing. He called me, in his deep voice saying 'Mino, I'm sorry...'

"I forgave him, I can't be angry with him."

Image: PA
Image: PA

He might be a loose cannon but Mario Balotelli has the ability to be a real handful on the pitch.

The Italian striker, 28, spent the second half of last season at Marseille and scored eight times in 12 appearances.

Balotelli has been linked with a return to Serie A in recent weeks but the former Manchester City and Inter Milan striker is still a free agent.

Would you take him at your club this season?

Let us know in the comments.

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