What Was Actually Said Between Jordan Henderson And Jurgen Klopp

Kepa Arrizabalaga might have outright refused to come off on Sunday but he wasn't the only player seemingly annoyed at a substitution but now it's been proven that Jurgen Klopp wasn't angry at Jordan Henderson.

There's a very good chance that none of us will ever see a repeat of what happened in Chelsea's Carabao Cup final with Manchester City, surely not at the highest level at least.

Kepa Arrizabalaga's refusal to be substituted deep in extra time, and Maurizio Sarri's angry reaction, was one of those cartoon rub your eyes to make sure you're seeing straight moments.

Plenty of players have come off the pitch and thrown a bottle or flung their arms up in comic fashion to make sure everyone knows they aren't happy at being replaced but outright refusing to come off, that's a new one.

Jordan Henderson showed how you do it when you get taken off. The Liverpool captain was removed for Xherdan Shaqiri earlier on Sunday as Liverpool drew with Manchester United.

Henderson didn't look happy and just ignored Jurgen Klopp's handshake before they had words. However a lip reading and transcription proves that it might have just been a miscommunication and genuine accident not to shake his boss' hand:

Explaining the situation in his pre match press conference for Wednesday's meeting with Watford Klopp said, "In terms of the situation, it was a pure misunderstanding. That's clear. For me, when a player leaves the pitch, it's clear, we shake hands.

"But I'm in the situation as well. I didn't say you have to wait for me until I look at you again as I was with Shaq talking and then Hendo left. He was saying thank you to the crowd.

"I thought he didn't [go to shake hands] and that's why I turned and told him to [go back and shake my hand].

"But everyone else told me 'no, no, no, he wanted to shake your hand but you were not ready'. That's how a misunderstanding works. That's all. It was nothing."

Luiz speaks to Kepa. Image: PA Images
Luiz speaks to Kepa. Image: PA Images

Clearly there isn't an issue between the manager and his player at Anfield and we all believe that it was just a misunderstanding, just like the situation at Chelsea...

Ryan Sidle

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