Neymar Transforms Himself Into A Cheesestring With His Wild New Haircut

Neymar is hardly from a footballer who shies away from attention and controversy and he's certainly under the spotlight once more. This time the PSG forward has a bold new look.

It wouldn't be fair to really describe Neymar as a 'Marmite footballer' and that's mainly because it's quite difficult to find anyone that loves the PSG and Brazil forward.

There's no doubt just how good the former Barcelona man is and, how he could be even better, it's just that he loves a roll around on the floor, complaining to the referee and playing for PSG is hardly going to endear you to anyone outside of Paris either.

The one thing that is true about Neymar is that whatever he does, people want to know. Whether it's getting a tattoo of his sister, being 'injured' on his sister's birthday or anything not do with his sister, people just want to know.

So it's no surprise that his new haircut has caused quite the stir, especially when he's decided to go for dreadlocks.

The 26 year old took to his Instagram story to post a picture of his new look:

Neymar's new do. Image: Instagram
Neymar's new do. Image: Instagram

It's certainly a fresh look for the Christmas period.

What do you make of Neymar's new look?

It's not the first time recently that a player has made a dramatic change to their hair. Marouane Fellaini recently got rid of his afro to the surprise of everyone.

The former Everton man, who followed David Moyes from Goodison Park to Old Trafford in 2013, has posted on Instagram to reveal the extreme chop.

Alongside the picture he posted the caption, "New year, new look #birthdaytomorrow," although weirdly everyone seems to think his birthday is November 22nd, so he might have arrived at his birthday a tad early:

There's something a little weird seeing Fellaini without his patented 'fro' and you can't help but wonder if he's going to be able to win as many headers without anything to cushion the ball for him.

Ryan Sidle

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