Chelsea Stars Use Football To Create Beats With DJ MK

MK is a DJ who's been around longer than the Premier League era itself. When 'Always' hit the charts in 1993, Chelsea Football Club was a whole different ball game, one nowhere as good at playing the ball game that they're very good at playing now.

That February, they lost to Blackburn Rovers and Sheffield Wednesday. Ouch, a far cry from the four-time Premier League champions we know today. And when 'Love Changes' hit the scene, it's fair to say the club were still not the behemoth they are now, despite being a team that had the mighty Andy Townsend and Tony Cascarino in its ranks

Suffice to say, Chelsea has come a long way, MK too.

Recently, the DJ and producer teamed up with Sony and a trio of Chelsea players to create a special track made using sound effects using their special football skillz.

As we all know, football and music aren't always a match made in heaven. John Barne's rap in World in Motion is a thing of beauty, but whether it's a lighthearted piece of World Cup '90 nostalgia or the zenith of late 80s hip-hop is a debate to be had another time. 'Football's Coming Home' was pretty ace, but it didn't actually feature any footballers. Carlos Tevez fronted a band called Piola Vago. That's about it.

With this in mind, when MK came to town, it was agreed the best course of action was for him to master the beats while Chelsea's David Luiz, Antonio Rüdiger and Thibaut Courtois focused on the balls.

First up he had Rudiger kick a ball up a pipe to make a harsh, sharp sound. The defender made a good stab at hoofing it, which may come into good use come the business end of the season if Chelsea are in need of some long ball action. This isn't Barca circa 2006. This is house music lads.

Next up, MK leathered a rake of balls at keeper Courtois, creating a series of staccato popping sounds. He also nearly hit him in the swingers.

"You went for the nuts, man," Courtois says, before walking over to the computer to see what the sound of a 6"5 Belgian having a ball thwacked at his goolies sounds like.

And finally, Brazilian David Luiz, ever the smiley man, stepped into the fray. This is a fella who's faced some shade in his time; Gary Neville calling him a Playstation player, that semi-final, the comparisons to Sideshow Bob. He's taking it all in his stride, so he's clearly the kind of man you want when trying to create something cool. Producing some of the more intricate sounds on the track, Luiz kicks a ball into a mountain of Styrofoam, around a satellite dish and against an air vent.

A unique collaboration between next season's Europa League winners and one of the elder statesmen of the house scene, have a look at the video to see how the seemingly tuneless sounds come together to create an epic track that will be released later in the year. It may even inspire future footballers to pursue a music career of their own. Let's just home Barnsey doesn't get wind of it though. The last thing we need is an updated remix of World in Motion.

Sponsored by Chelsea Football Club

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