European Clubs Discuss 'Super-Champions League' In Face Of New FIFA Competition

Some of the biggest clubs in Europe are getting together to discuss the possibility of extending the Champions League and getting more of the big name clubs to join the competition, as they reject the idea of a larger FIFA World Club Cup.

The Champions League has become the most important, biggest and richest competition in club football and everyone wants to get to the promised land of being in it.

Clubs are currently meeting at the 22nd European Club Association General Assembly in Amsterdam and there could be some big changes to come to the competition in 2024 because of it.

Representatives from 164 clubs, including nine from the Premier League, are at the assembly and, according to the Mirror, will discuss changes to the structure of the competition, with promotion and relegation possible.

Juventus boss Andrea Agnelli explained what could happen saying, "We are at the beginning of the process and we must take more time to analyse all the proposals, as it is not a matter of yes or no (sounds like another big European issue).

"The new Champions League is pure speculation at this time. Real Madrid , Bayern Munich and Juventus want to play the competition, but also hundreds of other teams.

"We are talking and in a few months we will see if the new competition will be open for everyone. The process will be open and transparent, as was the meeting with UEFA.

"This is how football should be in the future and the talks will take place between two and 20 months.

"The dialogue will be open for all the clubs and we will look for a fair system for football and for European clubs, without forgetting all the parties.

"We are the centrepiece of world football and we must drive change.

"There will be a new Super-Champions League in cooperation with UEFA. We are opposed to the new 24-team World Cup and demand fewer international breaks."

Someone else will finally lift the Champions League trophy this season. Image: PA Images
Someone else will finally lift the Champions League trophy this season. Image: PA Images

Because of the success of the Champions League the world governing body, FIFA, really wants to increase its own Club World Cup.

At the moment the competition is a seven team tournament, with Europe's entrance going in at the semi-final stage, but FIFA want to change it to a 24 team tournament.

Infantino really wants what UEFA have got for his new tournament. Image: PA Images
Infantino really wants what UEFA have got for his new tournament. Image: PA Images

Angelli continued, adding, "We are not willing to participate in this competition at this moment in time because of the congested calendar...

"The way this has been managed is like managing the local lottery for thanksgiving. As it stands, we have nothing there.

"We (the clubs) are the ones taking the risks, we are investing in the long term, we are investing in players, in infrastructure, we are the ones who carry the entrepreneurial and financial risks.

"(The argument of) substituting the Confederations Cup with the Club World Cup doesn't make much difference in our view so there is a congested calendar which can only be addressed in the years to come."

What do you think of an increased Champions League?

Ryan Sidle

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