World Cup Nation Qatar Suffers Shortage Of Beer

This is not a drill; beer is running low in World Cup nation Qatar.

Hotels in Doha are reportedly out of draft ales with bottle supplies plummeting as alcohol suppliers fail to deliver barrels of Heineken, Stella and Guinness ahead of the 2022 football extravaganza.

Image: PA
Image: PA

Football fans are prepared to boycott the World Cup unless beer is restocked into the country.

"It's unbelievable. Everywhere is running out," a fan said. "The government seem determined to stop everyone drinking or having fun. If this isn't sorted, they'll be hosting the most miserable World Cup ever."

Image: PA
Image: PA

A barman at the Doha Sheraton added: "QDC [Qatar Distribution Company] have not told us why. We are trying to get in more bottled beers but for now our stocks are dry."

A Brit, who now lives in Doha, has no intentions of going to the World Cup following the shortage of beer.

"I'm a big football fan but have no intention of coming here for the World Cup - especially if you can't get a beer," he said.

A pint will cost fans a cool £11 after Qatar introduced a 100% alcohol tax.

The Gulf state announced a "sin tax" in a bid to crack down on "health-damaging" goods.

The price of alcohol was already expensive, but the new hike has seen it double.

As reported by Sky News, a one litre bottle of gin will now set you back 304 Qatari riyals (£73.25), while anyone wanting a 24-pack of beer cans of their choice will have to fork out 384 riyals (£82.73).

The price of a bottle of wine isn't as hefty with all things considered, with 750ml of South African Shiraz poised to cost 86 riyals (£18.53).

As per the Foreign Office, people are not allowed to drink in public because of the country's traditions, though it's noted that alcohol is available at licensed hotel restaurants and bars with a permit.

Those organising the tournament, which will take place in the winter to avoid extreme temperatures, say alcohol will be available for fans in designated areas such as fan parks.

Nasir Jabbar

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