We'll Never Get Tired Of Lionel Messi And Dani Alves Warming Up

Dani Alves and Lionel Messi warming up will just never, ever get old.

During their time together at Barcelona, the duo were utterly unplayable. Messi would often drift out to the right and their one-twos and link-up play was just mesmeric to watch. It was a special type of telepathy and understanding on the pitch.

But it comes as no surprise considering the level of technical ability on show during their warm-ups prior to games. There's one particular clip where they're out knocking the ball about on the Nou Camp pitch before a game against Almeria and it's wonderful viewing.

Whether they are controlling it with chest, foot or thigh, every touch is close to perfection. They're killing the ball dead left, right and centre. It's two artists at work and quite frankly, we could watch it all day long.

Image: PA
Image: PA

What's even more impressive, is that this isn't a one off. There's another video, albeit in much worse quality, where they are pinging the ball across to one another at the Parc des Princes without the ball touching the floor once. Insane levels of tekkers on display.

Having shared many trophy lifts with him in his glittering stint in Catalonia, Alves holds Messi in the highest regard and spoke glowingly of the five-time Ballon d'Or winner back in 2016 ahead of a game between Brazil and Argentina.

"The thing that makes Leo different is that he doesn't think he's so great," he said in an interview with Sport.

"He's a super relaxed guy with incredible values and his humility, without doubt, comes from his family.

"It's a disadvantage to try and play one on one against him, you need help. The big problem is Leo always makes the difference.

"He's a different player, he's marking an era, a unique player who has something special and he cannot be compared to any other footballer.

Josh Lawless

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