UEFA Discuss Possibility Of Champions League Final In New York

The Champions League final could move to America or the Middle East with UEFA believing that only a few places in Europe are capable of hosting the final without the problems that Kyiv has suffered from.

It's not that long ago that the Premier League suggested the 39th game, an extra Premier League game for clubs played away from England in order to grow the league's appeal outside of the country without taking a game away from home fans.

Fair to say people weren't on board with the idea and alas the league stuck to 38 games and besides there's plenty of pre season football to be watched not in England between Premier League sides now.

So how would the fans of Europe react if they had to travel to New York, Miami or Doha for a Champions League final? Well that could certainly be the future according to the New York Times.

The newspaper reports that with issues arising from Kyiv there is belief within UEFA that only a few places on the continent could hold the final with no issue and to stop rotating it just amongst them it could occasionally take finals out of Europe.

Kyiv has had it's issues. Image: PA Images
Kyiv has had it's issues. Image: PA Images

Travel prices, times and inflation in accomodation prices have all hit the upcoming final in Kyiv between Liverpool and Real Madrid with both sets of fans finding it difficult.

According to the New York Times' piece some accomodation has cancelled on people who have booked in advance only to relist and charge up to five times more for someone else.

UEFA have already put in place was measure to stop cities that aren't properly equipped hosting the final by starting a 'bidding process' more in keeping with hosting a Euros or World Cup, rather than choosing based on which city lobbies to host.

Wembley held the final in 2011 and 2013. Image: PA Images
Wembley held the final in 2011 and 2013. Image: PA Images

For 2019 Madrid beat Baku but the Spanish capital remains one of the few places equipped with enough accommodation and space to host an ever growing event weekend along with the likes of Paris, London and Barcelona.

Timing would be an issue, especially in Far East Asia and the west coast of America, but if fans are spending so much money and time travelling to Kyiv then surely New York would be similar without many of the issues.

Could the Champions League final really take place in America?

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