Spurs Fan Makes The Most Incredible Deadline Day 'Breaking News' Announcement Ever

A hardcore Tottenham fan announced the birth of his son on Thursday in a hilarious "deadline day" post on Facebook.

Tim Aston, 37, took to social media on Thursday after the transfer window closed to reveal that the family welcomed the arrival of "highly rated dribbler Toby Aston."

Spurs supporter Tim, who resides in Stafford, cropped his head onto Mauricio Pochettino's and Toby's onto Harry Kane's.

Speaking to SPORTbible in an exclusive interview, the father-of-one said the inspiration for the post came from the Spurs boss and he "wanted to replicate what Poch does when players sign new contracts."

He added: "With it being deadline day the day after [Toby] was born, I thought there was no other way to announce his birth!

"The picture used is actually of Harry Kane when he signed one of his recent contracts."

Credit: Tim Aston/Facebook
Credit: Tim Aston/Facebook

Credit: Tim Aston/SPORTbible
Credit: Tim Aston/SPORTbible

The Spurs fan received his fair share of praise from friends and family for the amusing post.

But Tim said that Toby's mother, Beth Aston, "wasn't too impressed" with the post and he made a proper announcement of his boy's birth before his deadline day post.

"It was supposed to be a little bit of fun for my mates, as I had suggested to them I would do it," he explained.

"The wife wasn't too impressed, so I did a 'proper' announcement on Facebook earlier in the day to make sure she was happy.

"Then tried to time my post for when the transfer deadline had passed!"

Tim will be celebrating his one-year wedding anniversary with Beth, 28, later this month.

But they welcomed their first child to the world on Wednesday afternoon.

New parents Tim Aston, 37, and Beth Aston, 28, pictured together on their wedding day in 2018. Credit: Tim Aston/SPORTbible
New parents Tim Aston, 37, and Beth Aston, 28, pictured together on their wedding day in 2018. Credit: Tim Aston/SPORTbible

When she saw her husband's post on Facebook, Beth said she was "surprised by him already making his dad jokes, despite the baby being a day old."

Tim lives and breathes football, but the same can't be said for Beth.

Toby's dad, who is a stock and systems manager, admitted that he wanted his child to share a close connection with the club and wanted him to be named Eric -- sharing the same first name as Spurs star Eric Dier.

But when that choice of name was "thrown out straight away," he was more than happy to settle on the name Toby and its connection to Spurs centre-back Toby Alderweireld.

"I wanted him to be named after a Spurs player, and I was lucky enough that the wife liked the name Toby! So, technically, he is named after Toby Alderweireld!" he said.

Beth, who is from Telford, Shropshire, told SPORTbible that her son was "very lucky he didn't end up being called Eric or Hugo" and she had to "put [her] foot down [on the name choice]."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

The Spurs-loving dad said Beth "hates" football, but he's banking on his son to "hopefully grow up to follow Spurs, too!"

But Beth isn't too fussed about what team her little guy supports in the future.

"I personally think Toby should be allowed to pick who he supports, and whether that's Arsenal or Liverpool, I don't mind," she said.

She might not be a football fan, but she knows how to wind Tim up.

When SPORTbible asked if her choice of Liverpool was a dig at Spurs losing in the Champions League final last season, she responded: "Yes, I'm not allowed to mention Liverpool or Arsenal in the house."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

That doesn't mean that Beth hasn't teased Tim with getting Toby a shirt from rival club Arsenal.

However, Tim said he already has the 'perfect solution' for dealing with a Gunners shirt if it made its way to his son.

"She has actually threatened to get him or get someone to get him an Arsenal shirt to wind me up..." he said.

"But that will be treated the same way as his dirty nappies!!!"

Featured Image Credit: Tim Aston/SPORTbible

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