Raheem Sterling Brilliantly Explains How Oxlade-Chamberlain's Goal Left Him 'Fuming'

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Raheem Sterling have brilliantly recalled the Champions League quarter-final first-leg, with the Manchester City starlet revealing how his counterpart left him in furious.

The ex-Arsenal midfield is enjoying his football under Jurgen Klopp's regime, and he's played a starring role for his new side, including heroics in the Champions League.

Oxlade-Chamberlain netted a superb strike against City.

And the England international has explained how he had to let Sterling know he was in the game.

"On the way back? Course I did. Had to let him know I'd arrived. I was in the game, had to let him know I was in the game," Oxlade-Chamberlain said on Colossal TV.

'Ox' added: "It was a big goal and we wanted to go out there, them boys were flying, have a good result and beat them. That set us going.

"I can't really remember what I was thinking. I was just buzzing."

Oxlade-Chamberlain shoots, and scores. Image: PA
Oxlade-Chamberlain shoots, and scores. Image: PA

Looking for 'Raz' as he returned to his half.

"But on the way back I was definitely thinking, 'Where's Raz?' I clocked eyes and there wasn't really much love coming back.

"Little grin maybe. He was fuming, it is what it is. Win some, you lose some."

Oxlade-Chamberlain wheels away in celebration. Image: PA
Oxlade-Chamberlain wheels away in celebration. Image: PA

A jubilant Oxlade-Chamberlain. Image: PA
A jubilant Oxlade-Chamberlain. Image: PA

Sterling admits he went to bed fuming after catching 'Ox's' grin.

"I went to bed fuming, because I could see his little face grinning when he came back. He's my boy and everything, but I was raging.

"To my team-mates I was like 'anybody else', on the day I'd want anyone else to score."

Of course, Liverpool eventually secured passage to the Champions League semi-final, and will face AS Roma for a spot in the final.

Nasir Jabbar

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