Roberto Martinez Explains How Eden Hazard's 'Famous Ass' Is His Secret Weapon

It's a sentence you probably didn't expect to be reading but Roberto Martinez has been explaining the advantage Eden Hazard's backside gives him.

The Belgium boss gave a detailed interview to AS after Hazard's £89 million move to Real Madrid and provided a lot of insight as to how the 28-year old will fare in the Spanish capital.

But the conversation soon turned to the former Lille man's 'famous ass' - which Martinez believes is the key to his success.

Image: PA
Image: PA

Martinez said: "It is the centre of his gravity. He is short, so he uses it to get out of one-on-one situations in which other players can't."

The thing is, Martinez is absolutely right as well. He's only 5ft 7in but Hazard is far from slight and slender. He weighs 76kg and his strong glute muscles help him get his body in the way of defenders built like brick shithouses and enable him to explode away from them.

Hazard's blend of strength and balance is almost unrivalled for a guy of his stature but he told SPORTbible in September that it's just a natural trait he has.

"I'm not working a lot on strength, it's in my blood so I'm lucky to have these facilities," Hazard said.

Steering away from talking about his buttocks, Martinez also stressed that Hazard and Real Madrid are a match made made in heaven.

"For Real Madrid, he's a phenomenal footballer to get," the former Wigan and Everton manager added.

"There couldn't be too many new chapters to his career so probably the only place he could go and win titles (is Madrid).

"I think it is the perfect fit. He's a player who's gone through clubs and can be treated as a hero. We're all looking forward to how that new chapter at Real Madrid starts."

Josh Lawless

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