The Highest Point Of Napoli's 'San Paolo' Stadium Is Genuinely Frightening

If you're scared of heights then I recommend you look away now - this is not for the faint hearted.

Napoli's famous 'San Paolo' stadium has been criticised in the past for its lack of safety measures, and recent footage at the highest point of this 60,000 capacity venue has all but confirmed how dangerous it can be watching the Italian outfit.

Ahead of the Champions League tie between Napoli and LIverpool, the following clip from Napoli24 shows huge gaps between the seats. Just look at the sheer drop from the top of the Stadio San Paolo.

It's genuinely frightening stuff.

The stadium is actually under construction at present, but that hasn't stopped president Aurelio de Laurentii from slamming it's horrendous condition, labeling it a 'toilet' in a recent radio interview with Kiss Kiss Napoli.

"If I were at the head of the council, we would have no financial problems. I'm tired of saying that San Paolo is falling by the wayside and they're not doing what they can to make it happen.

Instead of improving it, the stadium looks more and more like a toilet."

De Laurentii went on to explain how the man who is in charge of rebuilding the stadium, Attilio Auricchio, is to blame:

"I'm used to Auricchio's lies. Auricchio has to explain to me why, for eight years now, the San Paolo is increasingly a toilet." he said.

"The councillor for sport, who I like, can't go against him and therefore is also forced to be a liar. They don't have to tell lies. If I'd been in that state of financial distress, I'd have resigned."

Thoughts on the state of Napoli's stadium?

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Jack Kenmare

Jack Kenmare is a writer at SPORTbible. He's interviewed some huge names in the world of sport, including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Pele, Carles Puyol and Tim Henman. He dabbles in all things sport, but football is his biggest passion. He was once hit in the head by a wayward strike from Nicky Butt and lived to tell the tale.

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