Tyson Fury To Donate £8 Million Purse To Helping The Poor And Homeless

Tyson Fury will reportedly donate the entirety of his seven-figure purse from fighting Deontay Wilder to the homeless and poor, a gesture fitting from the man who has spread an important message about mental health.

The Mancunian fighter ballooned in weight, picked up alcohol and drug addictions and contemplated suicide.

Fortunately, he battled back to give the performance of a lifetime at the Staples Centre and arguably should have won the fight, but it was controversially voted a draw by the three judges.

Ahead of the bout, Fury said that no matter the outcome, he won't be keeping the huge sum of money he will earn for himself, his kids, or his pregnant wife.

Instead, he says he will be building houses and donating the whole lot to the poor.

He said: "I'm going to give it to the poor and I'm going to build homes for the homeless.

"I don't really have much use for it, I'm not interested in becoming a millionaire or a billionaire. I'm a boxer not a businessman and I'll probably go down the same route as every other boxer - skint at the end of it all.

"You can't take it with you, so I might as well do something with it and help out people who can't help themselves."

Tyson Fury will take on Deontay Wilder for the WBC heavyweight belt on December 1st in Los Angeles. Credit: PA
Tyson Fury will take on Deontay Wilder for the WBC heavyweight belt on December 1st in Los Angeles. Credit: PA

Fury probably isn't short of a bob, but he thinks that his kids should have to work for what they get so they appreciate it more.

He has four kids - Valencia Amber, Prince John James, Venezuela, and Prince Tyson Fury II - as well as another on the way. He continued: "I believe all kids should make their own money in life because if they don't, they won't appreciate it.

"It's easy to spend someone else's money and the money I've earned is practically blood money. My kids have to make their own living and make their own way in life; they won't be living off my name or reputation because that's too easy a route.

"You see many of these rich people's kids doing nothing because they had it too easy. I never had it easy, I had to work for whatever I got. I was working from very young, everything I wanted in life I had to work for."

Both fighters remain unbeaten after Saturday's fight, with Fury having fought 28 fights without loss to Wilder's 41.

Jack Kenmare

Jack Kenmare is a writer at SPORTbible. He's interviewed some huge names in the world of sport, including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Pele, Carles Puyol and Tim Henman. He dabbles in all things sport, but football is his biggest passion. He was once hit in the head by a wayward strike from Nicky Butt and lived to tell the tale.

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