Sergio Ramos 'Likes' Picture Of Dejan Lovren Crying On Instagram

Sergio Ramos is at it again. This time, 'liking' a picture of Dejan Lovren crying on Instagram.

The Lovren-Ramos beef reached new levels when the Liverpool defender branded his counterpart a 'p*ssy', following Croatia's UEFA Nations League victory against Spain.

"Elbowed him good," Lovren said while making an elbow gesture in reference to a challenge on Ramos, who scored the equaliser in the game.

"Haha! 3-2! Go ahead and talk now, buddy. Buddy! They are a bunch of p*ssies."

Lovren then pointed to the Croatia flag on his shirt and said, "Only this side is worthy. Now to beat England and walk out like a boss!"

The former Lyon centre-back even posted the picture of the incident and captioned it: 'Good Morning Croatia' on his Instagram to continue his war of words with Ramos.

Ramos has responded in the form of a social media jab.

He's 'liked' a picture on Instagram of himself with the Champions League trophy accompanied with an image of Lovren crying after last season's final.

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

Lovren's teammate, Virgil van Dijk, has also weighed in on their feud and naturally he's siding with his club colleague.

"He is a great player and I respect what he has achieved but he is not the best, he is not my type of central defender," the Dutchman said.

"Ramos' team-mate at Real Madrid, Raphael Varane is my favourite. He is an excellent defender and has already won a lot."

Image: PA
Image: PA

"I do not know if it was deliberate but mentally something changed when Salah came off," he added.

"Suddenly, Marcelo, [Karim] Benzema and [Cristiano] Ronaldo all appeared at Trent and released the entire right side. With Salah they never dared to do that.

"The match could have been different. I sometimes think about the match but I hope to be in the final again and on the right side of the score."

Nasir Jabbar

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