Nicklas Bendtner Begins 50 Day Prison Sentence By Posting Picture Of His Electronic Ankle Tag

Nicklas Bendtner has posted a picture of his electronic ankle tag after he was sentenced to 50 days in prison for assaulting a taxi driver.

The former Arsenal, who found himself in a fight with a driver from Dantaxi in Copenhagen back in September, reportedly broke a man's jaw in the scuffle after kicking and punching him.

He also refused to pay the £4.80 fare while out with his girlfriend, Philine Roepstorff.

Bendtner posted the following picture on social media: "Swipe to the left."

According to the Danish newspaper BT, the incident was first brought to Copenhagen Police's attention on Sunday night.

"I can confirm that there has been a serious assault on one of our drivers tonight," Dantaxi's Rasmus Krochin told BT (via a rough translation).

"The driver is currently on the operating table with a broken jaw. Our director was informed about [it] this morning."

Copenhagen Police security chief Carsten Reenberg added: "We have had a report about violence against a rental car. I can not tell you any more."

One Reddit user wrote: "Can't really support a guy like that even if he was on my team. Should be put in jail, TBH. If he gets off just because he is rich, it's a big f**king slap to all the taxi drivers of that company."

Another user said: "Danish football in the headlines for all the wrong reasons this past week.

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Jack Kenmare

Jack Kenmare is a writer at SPORTbible. He's interviewed some huge names in the world of sport, including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Pele, Carles Puyol and Tim Henman. He dabbles in all things sport, but football is his biggest passion. He was once hit in the head by a wayward strike from Nicky Butt and lived to tell the tale.

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