Liverpool Fans Create Poster Of Hostile Plans For Champions League Clash Against Manchester City

Liverpool fans are setting up a heated and potentially illegal reception for the Manchester City squad before the pair's much-anticipated Champions League quarter-final clash.

This planned meet up of Reds supporters transpired through the circulation of a poster, which warns that the Man City squad should not expect a particularly warm welcome when they arrive by coach at Anfield.

The poster titled 'Coach Greeting' circulated social media, with shares from popular Liverpool fan accounts such as @RedmenTV and @WeRLFC.

The purpose of the meet-up is to generate a raucous atmosphere before the match, and also to remind their North-West rivals that, despite all their riches, they are still short on trophies in comparison to the Reds, saying "5 time winners vs 1 time semi finalists" and "We're going to show them exactly what money can't buy."

The poster goes on to proclaim. "Bring your flares and flags. Banners and bangers. Pints and Pyro. There will be thousands of scouse voices ready to scare em back to Mancland with their tails between their legs before the match even starts."

This statement, however, has caused controversy, because any attempt to enter or being inside a stadium while in the possession of pyro is an offence that can land you up to three months in prison - an amount of the time which would see Liverpool supporters watching the Champions League final in black and white clothing and behind bars, should their team progress that far.

The carnage of this gathering has been played down, however, by the @WeRLFC page, stating: "First, I do NOT in any way condone, support or would like for the City team bus to be attacked in anyway, shape or form (including throwing cans/bottles). I do NOT wish violence on any of the supporters, home or away.

"Second, I do not wish there to be a hostile atmosphere outside the ground, as some have said. I can see how the phrasing in would suggest that, but my intentions where to help create a feeling that City were out of their depth in this competition. I didn't encourage violence."

Words: Jacque Talbot

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