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A Brazilian Lineswoman Takes Internet By Storm After Wet T-Shirt Display

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Imagine turning up on a cold, Sunday morning to see Brazilian lineswoman Denise Bueno officiating your Sunday League game while wearing a see through white t-shirt.

The Brazilian has gone viral in the past 24 hours after pictures emerged of her running the line in what looks like a wet t-shirt, while players couldn't help but look at her outfit in a standard group picture before kick-off.

Brazilian referee Denise Bueno

(Picture credit: Splash News)

It seems Bueno is pretty aware of her gaining popularity. "Some of them call me a sexy lino, a description I don't like. I don't think I'm sexy, I'd rather be considered a pro." Bueno told Globo,

But one picture in particular has spread online, showing a number players staring at her:

Brazilian referee Denise Bueno
(Picture credit: Splash News)

Other pictures that have emerged include her running up and down the line while pausing for a drink of water.

I mean, it definitely wasn't staged at all:

Brazilian referee Denise Bueno

(Picture credit: Splash News)


(Picture credit: Splash News)

This isn't the first time Denise has hit the headlines. She tried to appear on Brazil's version of Big Brother but was eventually banned from appearing on the show because of her friendship with host Tiago Leifert Fonte.

She has also appeared on a number of other shows in her native Brazil.

Here's a snippet of her Instagram page, where she has over 15k followers:

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