The Incredible Moment Player Casually Nutmegs Four Players In Six Seconds

There aren't many things more aesthetically pleasing in the game football than a nutmeg. It's the most disrespectful skill one can conjure up but you appreciate the sheer cheek of rolling the ball through an opponent's legs and making them look like an absolute mug.

Ronaldinho was the absolute master of it, and likes Neymar, Luis Suarez, Eden Hazard and Lionel Messi all show no mercy to players by giving them a panna straight out of FIFA street.

One nutmeg has become pretty standard these days, while we we've also seen plenty of double megs busted out from time to time.

But four consecutive nutmegs is just silly levels of filth and that's exactly what Maccabi Netanya forward Fatos Bećiraj delivered against HAPOEL Beer-Sheva (the best-named team in world football) in Saturday's Israeli Premier League clash.

At first, when he gets his body in front of the defender, you're just expecting him to hold the ball up and try and bring some of his teammates into play.

Yet out of nowhere, he proceeds to end the careers of four players just seconds apart by 'megging them - well and truly unlocking the gamebreaker feature on FIFA street.

After the first one, the Montenegro international just could not stop himself from going on a spree and it's genuinely outrageous to watch. Something tells us he was a bit annoyed when his teammate interrupted his nutmeg party and brought it to a halt.

Another saucy nutmeg you have to feast your eyes on is from Amin Essabri, a 17-year old who plays in the youth team of ADO Den Haag.

He utterly destroys the defender by flicking the ball up onto his other foot, almost dummying the ball in the air and then busting out the 'Hocus Pocus' skill move to finish it all off.

You can just about see the lad's facial expression when he realises he's just been mugged off big-time. We hope he's doing alright.

Josh Lawless

Josh is a writer who specialises in football and wrestling. He has been published by Curzon Ashton FC, Late Tackle, Manchester City FC, The Mirror, Read Man City and Manchester Evening News. He provides coverage of professional wrestling and has interviewed some of the biggest names in the field - including the first UK interview with The Hardy Boyz after their return to WWE. He has never sported a pair of Lonsdale Slip-ons, contrary to reports.

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