Marcus Rashford's Shooting Technique Is Genuinely Mind-Boggling

Marcus Rashford's shooting technique is something else.

The 21-year old Manchester United and England star has adopted as similar strategy to the 'knuckleball technique' made famous by Cristiano Ronaldo but Squawka have been quick to point out how Rashford has put his own spin on it.

By hyper-extending his knee and striking with a fully flat foot, he is able to pull off a "100% slap", which in turn leads to the wobble and dip that goalkeepers seriously struggle with.

Just ask Gianluigi Buffon, one of the greatest of all-time. The 41-year old is normally uber consistent but was forced into a rare spillage for United's second goal in last night's Champions League round of 16 leg courtesy of Rashford.

The sheer movement of the strike confused the legendary Italian and he dropped the ball right into the path of Lukaku, who pounced and bagged his second.

Image: PA
Image: PA

Close-up pictures of him smashing in that 4th stoppage time penalty that sent United through to the quarter finals also show Rashford using that same unorthodox shape.

Look how flat his foot is! It looks almost unreal that his foot is in the direction it's in - and there pressure being placed on the ankle - but you can't argue with the success rate so far.

At half-time in BT Sport's coverage of last night's dramatic comeback, United legend Rio Ferdinand said he's seen Rashford endlessly practicing his technique in training.

"The way these balls moved nowadays, I was at the training ground a little while ago, last week it was, and I saw him hitting these balls from around this distance, dead balls," Ferdinand commented, as per the Daily Express.

"And he does make the ball move wonderfully and it makes it almost impossible for any goalkeeper on the planet to make a clean save. Buffon just tries to get his body behind the ball."

Rashford memorably used his tried and trusted technique to great effect at Elland Road in a friendly against Costa Rica ahead of the World Cup.

He then went through the goal, and his style of shooting, with Craig Mitch on a video on England's YouTube channel.

"Everyone has their own style that they shoot and play with," Rashford said.

"I'd say from repetitions, you just get what works best for you. I just repeated similar finishes and then you get better at it.

Then when asked how he generates the power, he replied: "I'd say it's more about technique. Like I said before about repeating the same action, now I don't have to put much effort into striking the ball as much as what I was used to. In terms of the power, once you get the technique you can play with it."

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