Liverpool Fan Who Drove £40 Car To Champions League Final Makes It Back To Anfield

The Liverpool fan who drove to Madrid for the Champions League final has returned to Anfield, and he's said he would do it again.

Simon Wilson shelled out £40 for a Škoda Favorit GLXi and opted to drive thousands of miles from Liverpool to Madrid, rather than paying extortionate prices for flights to Spain.

His long drive paid off as Liverpool recorded their sixth European title after beating Tottenham 2-0 in the Champions League final, thanks to goals from Mohamed Salah and Divock Origi.

Image: Simon Wilson
Image: Simon Wilson

Image: Geoff Davies
Image: Geoff Davies

But he did encounter a few problems on his way to Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.

"I'll be honest, the whole way down to Madrid, I was skeptical that we'd make it," he said. "I mean we'd just gotten to Dover for the ferry and a pipe blew off of the engine."

Simon's old-banger managed to get into gear as he drove itself onto the ferry.

"Simple really, turn the radio up and job's a goodun' right?

"I love Liverpool FC, I've been to all the matches, but there was no way I was gonna pay out £800 for a flight that I could get for £40 next week.

"Yeah, it was a little bit of a long car ride back, but I think it only cost us around £200 on petrol each way, so we've got four people to the final for half the price of one person flying over."

Simon "one hundred percent" recommends people to give it a try while teasing something big if Liverpool reach next season's Champions League final in Istanbul, Turkey.

"One hundred percent, I'd recommend people give it a try. If we make it to Istanbul next year, there'll be something big coming."

And he's keeping the car.

"Oh, I'm keeping the car," he added. "It's gonna be the daily runner I reckon. I'll get it done up first though!"

Featured Image Credit: Geoff Davies

Nasir Jabbar

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