Frank Lampard's Gravity-Defying Trick During Chelsea Unveiling Needs Explaining

Frank Lampard somehow managed to keep the Chelsea shirt to stay up even when he let go in an act of wizardry.

The 41-year-old was officially unveiled as the new Chelsea manager on Thursday and during his presentation, he performed a piece of magic.

The legendary midfielder posed for pictures with the Chelsea shirt while giving a thumbs-up to the camera.

Image: PA
Image: PA

But the top remained perfectly positioned despite 'Lamps' letting go of the jersey.

He's not the only person to master this gravity-defying stunt.

Lionel Messi famously produced the same trick in 2017 following his heroics against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu.

Lampard will be hoping to produce managerial magic for Chelsea. He spoke to the media about becoming the Blues boss at his first press conference.

"It didn't take seconds or minutes because I had to address a really good opportunity, we had last year at Derby," he said.

"The owner, staff and fans welcomed me, so it's not been an easy decision on that behalf because we had a really good year. However, it was quicker than usual because it's this club.

"I don't have to keep saying how I feel about Chelsea so the opportunity to manage this club, these players and fans is huge for me.

"I'm aware what a job of this size means. I played here for long enough and the pressure was high.

"A club like Chelsea have high expectations and standards, you have to compete year after year, but I'm not apprehensive about that. I'm a realist, I understand what the club want from me and I'll try to deliver."

Lampard added: "I understand people will talk about the fact I've only had one year in management and to come into the Chelsea job after one year doesn't happen often.

"In my playing career, I played with a lot of fantastic managers and that will hopefully stand me in good stead.

"I also learned a lot in one year at Derby but what will define my time here is my work ethic to get success. I know I have to prove myself and I want to show I'm ready to manage this club."

Nasir Jabbar

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