Atlanta United's Josef Martinez Has The Most Ridiculous Penalty Technique

Just when you thought Paul Pogba had the most incredible penalty technique, you come across the approach Atlanta United's Josef Martinez adopts.

Pogba has made all sorts of headlines for his 'slow motion' penalties this season and has had mixed results.

He scored against Leicester and Brighton but missed against Burnley and Everton - with his latest effort from 12 yards seeing him take 26 steps and take longer than Usain Bolt does to run the 100m.

But while Pogba takes an absolute age in his run-up, Martinez's style is quite the opposite. Instead, he pauses, almost does a "hop, skip and jump" towards the ball and then tucks it away.

It looks a bit daft but it's brought him a lot of success. The penalties aren't hit with any venom but it's so tricky for the goalkeeper because Martinez forces them to make a move and then picks his spot.

Sean Johnson of New York City was the latest victim, with Martinez conjuring up his most remarkable spot-kick yet. The commentator described it as "comical but effective" after he rolled the ball into the net and sent the 'keeper the wrong way.

We genuinely can't stop watching it. Chelsea's Jorginho takes his pens in a very similar way thanks to some mucking around in training three years ago but Martinez is the absolute master of it.

The Venezuelan's goal record on the whole is actually pretty insane. You can argue about the quality of the MLS all you want but 53 goals in 58 games, including 33 in 36 this term, speaks for itself - and should be seen as a mighty fine tally even if he was playing for The Dog and Duck pub.

Weird penalties are of course anything but a rarity because back in the 90's, the taker would run with the ball from the 35-yard line similar to a Hockey penalty - creating a 1-on-1 contest between the shooter and keeper.

To be honest, I reckon we should bring them back...

Josh Lawless

Josh is a writer who specialises in football and wrestling. He has been published by Curzon Ashton FC, Late Tackle, Manchester City FC, The Mirror, Read Man City and Manchester Evening News. He provides coverage of professional wrestling and has interviewed some of the biggest names in the field - including the first UK interview with The Hardy Boyz after their return to WWE. He has never sported a pair of Lonsdale Slip-ons, contrary to reports.

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