Inter Milan Demonstrate How Much Of Game-Changer New Goal-Kick Can Be

Inter Milan provided a glimpse into just how effective the new goal-kick rule can be for teams in the upcoming season.

As part of a series of new laws introduced, goal kicks do not need to leave the area - meaning that defenders are able to collect the ball in the 18-yard box while opposition players still need to remain outside the penalty area until the kick is taken.

And in their International Champions Cup fixture against Serie A champions Juventus, Inter showed just how beneficial the change in law can be for those who like to play out the back.

Marcelo Brozovic took up a central position, while both their centre-backs stood either side of Samir Handanovic, just outside of the six-yard box.

The Slovenian then played a short pass to the right and slowly but surely Inter built up from the back and ended up high up the pitch.

Juventus' attackers pressed extremely high up the pitch but their opponents used the situation perfectly to create an attack.

One can only imagine how possession-based teams like Manchester City, Barcelona, Spurs, Juventus and Ajax will use this rule to their advantage in 2019/20 as it could prove highly useful for their way of playing.

We're already picturing Frenkie De Jong picking up the ball in his own box and running the game for Barca and Ederson taking even more risks on the ball than he currently does under Pep Guardiola.

It promises to bring even more pass mastery and build-up play and we all should be very pleased with the rule introduced.

Other key laws include changes to handballs, free-kicks and the like:

Josh Lawless

Josh is a writer who specialises in football and wrestling. He has been published by Curzon Ashton FC, Late Tackle, Manchester City FC, The Mirror, Read Man City and Manchester Evening News. He provides coverage of professional wrestling and has interviewed some of the biggest names in the field - including the first UK interview with The Hardy Boyz after their return to WWE. He has never sported a pair of Lonsdale Slip-ons, contrary to reports.

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