Serge Gnabry: "I've Been Vegan Since January But Sometimes I Eat Meat"

Serge Gnabry's diet is all kinds of messed up.

More and more players are turning to veganism in a bid to extend their playing careers and reap the health benefits including the Bayern Munich winger.

Image: PA
Image: PA

The 23-year-old has revealed that he's been a vegan since January.

However, he hasn't completely grasped veganism because he sometimes eats meat and other things.

"I have been vegan since January, but, at some periods, sometimes I eat meat and other things," he said in a recent interview with German outlet Bild.

Gnabry isn't the only footballer whose adopted a vegan diet. Manchester United's Chris Smalling has stopped eating meat, fish, eggs and dairy products and claims the dietary switch has increased his strength and power.

"We did a test of our hamstrings and I've increased by 35 per cent from the last test. On the [exercise] bike, my power output has gone up," he explained.

Image: PA
Image: PA

Image: PA
Image: PA

The English defender added: "I'm constantly getting stronger and getting better results.

"Even before I went vegan, in terms of cutting out red meat, my tendinitis and recovery after games was vastly improved.

"I had quite a few symptoms, but since I went fully vegan, I don't feel it at all anymore.

"The second day after a game is often when I feel most fatigued, but my fatigue levels have gone down and, on the second day, I've felt a lot more recovered than previously.

"Even my skin, I had a lot more break outs before than I do now. I'm feeling a lot of physical benefits from it."

A plant-based diet appears to be a popular decision among footballers.

Nasir Jabbar

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