YouTuber Gives Tutorial On How To Score Directly From Corners On FIFA 19

I'm not sure about you but I don't have a great record of scoring from corner kicks on FIFA 19 and tend to just opt for a short corner routine.

But I might just have to start trying to score directly from corners having come across a video tutorial from FIFA YouTuber 'Zan OMG' on how to do so.

And most importantly, it doesn't seem too difficult to pull off. Zan says the key to it all is selecting a player who has a lot of curve, ideally rated 80 or above, as they will have a much better chance of getting the required whip and swerve on the ball.

It also has to be an in-swinger, so make sure it's a right-footer taking it from the left and vice versa.

You should always aim for the far post and apply maximum curve by using the left stick - with the final step being to ensure your power bar is to its absolute full when you press the cross button. PlayStation users press square, while the Xbox clan need to press X.

We're not saying you're going to score every single corner but it's definitely worth trying on game modes like Ultimate Team and Online seasons. There's several clips of Zan having success with corners so the least you can do is give it a bash.

Image: Zan OMG
Image: Zan OMG

Another element that could improve your record on this year's game is the 'speed boost' that MattHDGamer brought to our attention.

Basically, if you're turning on the jets with the likes of Mohamed Salah, Kylian Mbappe and Sadio Mane, this new fake shot combination appears to be almost impossible to cope against.

Talking us through the genius move if you're on Xbox One, Matt says it's as simple as holding LB, pressing B then A in quick succession before moving the left stick in whichever direction you wish to go in.

If PlayStation 4 is your console of choice, hold L1, press circle and square and finish off with the movement of the left analog stick.

It seems to work with any fast player on FIFA but the key is making sure there's enough space between the opposition player.

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