Whether you love or despise Roy Keane, his dedication to hating things is so pure and wonderful that it is only matched by the same relentless dedication he showed to driving Manchester United to victory and taking his labrador for long, angry walks. And you can't help but respect him for it.

Football's maddest man can usually be found on ITV ripping into everything from footballers taking selfies,half arsing out of tackles, anything related to Joe Hart and, of course, why he wouldn't watch Liverpool or Arsenal if they were playing in his back garden.

Last night, the former Manchester United and Ireland captain once again showed his disdain for Jurgen Klopp and Arsene Wenger's teams with a stinging analogy in the wake of Liverpool's Philippe Coutinho inspired 7-0 mauling of Spartak Moscow.

Now, you might wonder just how someone could pick fault with a team who have just won 7-0 and also, how he could loop an Arsenal insult into his analysis.

But Roy Keane will always, always find a way.

Credit: ITV

Despite all the plaudits Liverpool received for their performance, Keane remained unimpressed, claiming that the Reds haven't beaten anyone of note, this season.

"Comfortable night for them tonight, good start for them, their attacking players certainly enjoyed it, but their big tests are yet to come for Liverpool.

"Clearly they are beating these so called lesser teams, the same in the Premier League, but they've beaten nobody yet."

Keane was then reminded of how Liverpool beat Arsenal 4-0 at Anfield earlier, this season, to which the seven time Premier League winner responded, "That's what I mean, yeah."

Never, ever change, Roy.

(H/T Metro)

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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