New Footage Shows Fan Pretended To Ask Neymar For Picture Before He Lashed Out

New footage explains how Neymar came to be so angry that he proceeded to lash out a Rennes fan after the Coupe de France final last night.

In the first clip doing the rounds on social media, the former Barcelona superstar appeared to take issue with the fan filming him and batted his phone away.

The two then had words before Neymar appeared to catch the supporter on the chin after hitting out, with the incident happening right in front of the eyes of a small child in the stands.

PSG youngster Moussa Diaby, who was behind Neymar, did his best to try and diffuse the situation. But footage from an angle shows what prompted the Brazilian to react in the way he did.

The fan pretended he wanted to have a picture with Neymar, who was happy to, but then the supporter changed his mind and that's what led to the altercation between the pair.

L'Equipe say the man also told Neymar to "go learn how to play football" as well as insulting both Gianluigi Buffon and Marco Verratti, but he denies the claims.

"I did not insult him, I told him that they were bad, that is the game," he told the French newspaper.

"When the players came, Verratti, Buffon, I said to them: "You are bad, go Rennes!"

Still, despite being provoked and with his emotions running high, Neymar' actions were stupid and it's not a good look for him.

Meanwhile, speaking in the mixed zone after the game, Neymar had some strong words for the younger members of the PSG squad - telling them to listen more attentively to the senior players.

Image: PA
Image: PA

"We need to be more like men in the dressing room, we must be more united," Neymar said, as per ESPN.

"I see a lot of young players who are, not lost exactly, but they lack more ear than mouth.

"They must listen more than they talk. Sometimes a more experienced guy speaks, and they answer back. The coach himself speaks, and they retort. This is not how a team goes far.

"We are more experienced, so they must respect us a bit more, listen a bit more. I had to do the same when I was starting out."

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