Sunderland To Release A Netflix Series About Their 17/18 Season And It's Going To Be Tragic

If you're not a big football fan, you might not know that when a team has a successful season they usually release a film of the campaign to document their achievements, give fans a way to re-live the magic, and to make a couple of quid.

However, Sunderland have not had a successful season - quite the opposite, in fact. After crashing out of the Premier League following what seemed like an eternity of clinging on they now find themselves teetering on the brink of a second relegation in as many years.

What makes matters worse is that a documentary crew have been following them around all through 2017/18 catching every tiny moment in what could go down as one of the North East club's worst ever campaigns.

The programme - presumably some sort of tragic comedy series - will be broadcast on Netflix this summer.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

The 2017/18 season saw Sunderland facing life in England's second tier of football for the first time in a decade, and things did not improve from there.

The best players left the club, several players on huge wages stuck around to sap them dry, a manager has lost his job, and the owner - American Ellis Short - has dramatically reined in spending.

That's before we get to the fact that a young fan was accused of taking a shit in one of the seats back in December.

Whether he did or not is unclear, and it's unlikely to be in the show, but it promises to be quite the story nonetheless.

That is, unless you are a Sunderland fan. Facing relegation to the third tier for only the second time in their history, there doesn't seem to be a lot of hope.

That said, we don't know how the story ends yet. They currently sit six points from safety and only a point from the bottom of the table.

However, they still have four games left to save themselves.

The series will surely conjure up images in the football fan's mind of 'Being: Liverpool'.

Back in 2012, Liverpool FC let fans behind the velvet robe and into their pre-season training. What followed was a bizarre, often cringeworthy exposure of what life is like at the top.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

From then-manager Brendan Rodgers' envelopes (a David Brent style motivational tactic) to chairman Ian Ayre's mid-life crisis motorbike, it wasn't a great look for the club.

However, despite these sorts of documentary seeming like a universally bad idea, Manchester City are also to release a documentary of their 2017/18 season.

They are nailed on to win the league, so there is less risk involved in that film. Surely Sunderland's will be more fun, though?

Featured Image Credit: PA

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