EA Sports Have Made Big Changes To Free-Kicks And Penalties On FIFA 20

EA Sports have made changes to the way in which penalties and free-kicks are taken in FIFA 20.

Year on year EA switch things up in terms of gameplay and as seen in an EA Play livestream, the mechanics for free-kicks and penalties have been tweaked.

While the movement of the camera was key to taking set-pieces on FIFA 19, FIFA 20 comprises of an aiming mechanic - which looks set to make it much more fun and realistic.

The same can be said for penalties, where there is a bigger target available to use so that spot-kicks are much more precise and accurate.

Explaining the changes, Sam Rivera, lead gameplay producer, said: "The aiming mechanics are completely different and more accessible but obviously we're keeping some elements of skill to make sure there's enough depth for the mechanics for those who want to be masters of those systems.

"For example in free-kicks you're going to have full control of the spin that you apply to the ball and that's going to create your trajectory. You can do side spin, top spin, no spin or a combination of them and that's going to be based on how you swing your right stick.

"You can go around the wall, you can go over the wall, you can do a knuckle-shot - ultimately these systems are more fun and you have more control. You swing the right stick and you see the trajectory being created - that's the cool part."

That trajectory is in full flow in the following clip (around seven minutes in) when Christian Eriksen curls one into the back of the net:

The actual target is nowhere near the goal and yet the curve on the ball sees it nestle into the top bins.

As per The Telegraph, other gameplay changes include improved 'football intelligence', less emphasis on pace and manual defending.

Josh Lawless

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