The 'Renford Rejects' Is 20 Years Old

Let's go back to Eddie McAvoy's Graceland Cafe with Jason Summerbee and his five best mates to reminisce about one of the greatest children's TV shows of the 90's.

The 'Renford Rejects' began in 1998 with the episode One Of Us.

It went on to produce four memorable series on Nickelodeon, giving us countless memories.

They might have been turned down by the their school's first team, but that man Jason and his friends, Robin Walker, Bruno Di Gradi, Ben Phillips and Holly Davidson were determined to prove everyone wrong and make their own side.

The 'Renford Rejects' lost almost every game as Phillips, who was famous for his massive specs, conceded time after time, after time.

That didn't stop captain Summerbee from believing he was the next Pele though. The teenager was adamant he was a class above the rest, despite being utter garbage.

Bruno Di Gradi, who's real name was actually Barry Gray, was the team's foreign star, or so he thought.

The Italian stallion was one of the programme's most loved characters in his iconic Italy shirts, while Stewart Jackson hobbled around the set after injuries blighted his career.

The crew's main hang out was Eddie McAvoy's famous cafe, Graceland, a place dedicated to the man's love of Elvis Presley, of course.

Eddie's wife Priscilla would make a regular appearance on the show, but we never got to see her face, hiding behind a door in the Kitchen while she made the team's pre-match and post-match meals - which often included loads of chips.

It was one of the greatest shows on the TV at the time, with that iconic theme tune bringing back so many memories.

The fact that James Corden made his on screen debut on the show as 'Razor', the Renford Rejects' biggest rival, shows how much talent this show had. Even the likes of John Terry, Harry Redknapp and Gianfranco Zola made guest appearances from 1999 to 2001.

Can we start a petition to get the 'Renford Rejects' on Netflix?


Featured Image Credit: Nickelodeon

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