The Big Show 'Exploded With Diarrhea' All Over Brock Lesnar During A Match

Brock Lesnar is hard as nails but even he wasn't mentally prepared for the Big Show's faeces ended up all over him during a match.

The Beast Incarnate recently took part in a rare Q&A with Rod Pederson in front of nearly 1,000 patrons at the the Prince of Wales Centre, and talked about not wanting to be in any of The Rock's movies as well as his invitation to fight Daniel Cormier.

But most revealingly, he old the story of how the World's Largest Athlete ended up shitting on him back in the day.

During his first run in WWE, when he was contracted full-time, Lesnar was wrestling the 7ft giant on a live show on tour in South Africa but before the event, Show, real name Paul Wight, was suffering from food poisoning.

Image: WWE
Image: WWE

He persisted with performing but it ended up going badly wrong as Show exploded with diarrhea all over Lesnar when he was slammed to the canvas.

We can only imagine the horrible feeling Lesnar experienced when Big Show's dung splattered all over him. However, he is not the only wrestler to have fallen foul to a severe case of gut-rot.

When SPORTbible got some one-on-one time with the 16-time world champion back in 2017, Cena revealed that the weirdest, most embarrassing moment of his in-ring career.

"The most embarrassing thing is when I performed with food poisoning," Cena said.

"I happened to not be wearing my denim shorts, this was way back in the days of yore and believe it or not, I was wearing Halloween orange spandex trunks.

"At the end of the contest, the orange had turned into an unflattering Autumn brown.

"Another wrestling nightmare would be to have your music play and you're not ready to go out, but I would much rather arrive late but dressed for the occasion than pooping yourself and vomiting during a performance."

Josh Lawless

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