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Ronaldinho Set To Join Ninth Club Of His Career

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At 36 you might have thought that Ronaldinho would be calling it a day but the Brazilian entertainer looks set to join the the ninth league team of his career.

Ronaldinho has spent a large time during the latter part of his career moving around clubs or looking for a new team to play for and he's on the verge of finding that new team.

Since leaving AC Milan in 2011 the former World Cup winner has played for four different clubs, three in Brazil and one in Mexico.

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However he hasn't had a club since leaving Fluminense in 2015 after just seven games. You'd have thought he might retire after so long without a club but you'd be wrong.

According to the president of Uruguayan side Club Nacional de Football the former Barca man could be joining the team saying, "We are trying, even though it's difficult. We have been in talks for the past 20 days.

"We are trying to attract sponsors to make it feasible. Despite having played only a handful of friendly matches in the past 15 months, Ronaldinho can still contribute on the pitch."

Having previously played in Brazil, France, Spain, Italy and Mexico, Uruguay would be a new location, even if we are still pissed off that he's not played in England.

There was recent rumours that the 2005 Ballon d'Or winner would turn out for tragedy hit Chapecoense next season but it seems that isn't going to happen.

Recently he's played in numerous charity matches around the world as well as the Indian Futsal League and worked for the Paralympics and Barcelona.

Let's hope he still has a bit of the Ronaldinho magic!

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