Was there ever a more perfect partnership than Barcelona and Ronaldinho. Sure it was just a quick fling in the bigger picture but what a wonderful time it was. Fortunately for the world of football the pair are back where they belong, in each others' arms.

Unfortunately we won't be seeing the two time FIFA World Player of the Year and one time Ballon d'Or winner back on the pitch at the Camp Nou, admittedly it wouldn't be the same anyway and we'd rather keep the memories good, but he is going back to Barca as an ambassador.

The club are set to open a new international office in New York as they look to grow their brand across the world, something they're shockingly poor at compared to the likes of rivals Real Madrid and Manchester United, and the Brazilian will be used as an ambassador throughout the US.

After five years making beautiful samba style football at the Camp Nou Ronaldinho was sold to AC Milan by Pep Guardiola who worried his party lifestyle might rub off on Lionel Messi. After that the forward was never the same again at Milan or then when heading back to Brazil.

His most recent appearance as a footballer was in the Indian futsal league alongside Ryan Giggs. His time there was cut short after just two games because of a commitment to be an ambassador at the Paralympics.

Ronaldinho is finally going home to where he belongs!

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