Jose Mourinho And Arsene Wenger Were A Dynamic Duo As Champions League Pundits

Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger were never the best of friends when they were managing against each other but at the Champions League final they got on like a house on fire as pundits.

During his career Jose Mourinho has once suggested that when they're both retired him and Pep Guardiola might actually be friends, something that hasn't really looked possible, especially when they both managed in La Liga.

The Manchester City boss and the former Manchester United manager had a real war when they were in charge of Barcelona and Real Madrid but that's far from Mourinho's only managerial beef.

The former Chelsea boss famously didn't get on with Arsene Wenger either, calling the former Arsenal manager a voyeur and once getting involved in a bit of a shoving match on the sidelines.

However with both men currently without managerial work they ended up closer than ever during the Champions League final on Saturday night, sharing the punditry load for beIN Sports.

Could the two co-exist in a sort of Teddy Long hastily put together tag team or would one of them jump off the apron to avoid the hot tag? Fortunately for everyone involved it was the former, with the pair even agreeing on each other opinions, as the highlights show:

Imagining during their careers that Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville would share a studio and a friendship is one thing but applying that to Mourinho and Wenger is another step further.

I'm starting to wonder if the Rock and Stone Cold could have coexisted, if Thanos and Iron Man might have had a burgeoning friendship and that maybe, just maybe, Harry Potter will be Voldemort's best man.

Wenger and Mourinho, happy as one- weird!

Ryan Sidle

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