Usain Bolt Scores In Borussia Dortmund Training Whilst On Trial

We all imagined it could never possibly happen, but it actually has. The world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, has scored just his first goal for Borussia Dortmund.

Sorry, if you have no idea what I'm talking about. Please, let me fill you in. If you're not up to speed and have been asleep for the past few years, basically the world's gone completely crazy.

Donald Trump's the US president, Britain voted to leave the E.U, Ed Sheeran sang in Game of Thrones, and athletes like Bolt can seemingly transition to other sports perfectly fine. (Arsene Wenger is still Arsenal manager, though. Sorry.)

It seems today that once you're a professional athlete in a single profession, you're capable of doing pretty much any other sport you like, without concerning yourself with the vigorous hard-work and multiple years of practice that comes with it.

You aren't supposed to go from this to being a footballer. Image: PA Images
You aren't supposed to go from this to being a footballer. Image: PA Images

Trampoliners can turn boxers, cricketers can become basketball players, UFC fighters can box the world's greatest boxers and track athletes can be footballers, no sweat.

Well, that's what seems apparent after seeing the Jamaican sprinter Bolt in his first training session with Dortmund. The training was live streamed and even open to some of the public.

A pass was dinked through to the 31-year-old and he caught the keeper off-guard with a clever little glancing nod. Superb.

Thousands tuned into the stream, and they all thought he would fail, hopelessly. They thought that he would get his legs all tangled up over the ball and fall over like a very uncoordinated and confused robot in the middle of an ice rink.

But, no. Bolt has gone scored a neat little header in the session, and we're a little stunned.

Fair play, Bolt. You've proved the doubters wrong.

Words by Jacque Talbot.

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