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The Unknown FIFA 17 Player You Need To Sign

Whenever a new FIFA or Football Manager game comes out nowadays there is multiple articles telling you who you need to get your hands on. However they don't always get everyone.

There was a time, especially on Football Manager, when you'd have to do all of the hard work yourself to find the hidden gems and bargains to add to your team.

However these days you'd struggle to avoid a listicle of the players you simply must sign. From articles about the best young players to which 27-29 year old centre backs with 14 passing that you must sign for a League One team under £20k there's just so many.

But it looks like, despite all the guides, FIFA 17 players on Reddit have found a player that you're all missing out on and he looks a bloody bargain.

According to the gamers 28 year old Danish midfielder Mike Jensen is the man to get in your team, however you manage it:


(Picture via Dream Team FC)

What are you waiting for?

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