One Arsenal fan caused a stir today when he had to get a tattoo of Alexandre Lacazette after betting that Arsenal would never sign him. Now the player has reacted to the 'tat'.

As seems to be the trend on social media these days, Twitter user @sxmleach said: "If Arsenal sign Lacazette I'll get a tattoo on his face somewhere on me body".

After interest in Lacazette was reported, the signing was wrapped up swiftly and just five days after Arsenal fan Sam had posted, the 25-year old striker put pen to paper and joined up with his new teammates for pre-season.

Arsenal publicly called out the fan over his promise immediately after the Lacazette signing was announced.

Rest assured, Sam kept his word and had Lacazette's face inked onto his arse at his local tattoo studio in Hull:

And somehow not believing your team were ever going to sign a player and then getting their face eternally inked on your arse now gets you a prize.

The striker clearly found out about the story and posted his reaction on Twitter.

Looking for Sam the former Lyon frontman said he wanted to find the fan and hand over his shirt for him:

If making ridiculous bets on Twitter gets you everything you want then I need to start tweeting about Eugenie Bouchard more often, the Canadian has been known to go on dates.

That said I'm still pretty certain the Arsenal fan will regret his ink work, or at least he should.

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